Correction regarding columnist’s points on police action

Norfolk Police has asked us to clarify some information which was inaccurately reported in a column published on the Lynn News website over the weekend.

In his Turnstone column, John Maiden had claimed that Chief Constable of Norfolk Paul Sanford had “failed to deliver” on his promise to get tough with officers under his command if they broke the laws.

He referenced one particular incident in which he alleged that Mr Sanford had “decided not to prosecute” a driver for failing to stop or to report the collision.

Stock image of a police officer. Picture: iStock
Stock image of a police officer. Picture: iStock

This was incorrect and we apologise for this error. We have also removed the column in question from our website.

This statement from Norfolk Police clarifies the situation: “We carried out a thorough criminal investigation, which was independently reviewed by another force. A full misconduct investigation has also been carried out.

“Based on the consideration of all available evidence and after liaison with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), the constabulary brought charges against the driver for careless driving, failing to stop and failing to report a collision.

“Reports from two independent consultants established the driver had experienced a medical episode behind the wheel, and because of the condition is unlikely to have known what was happening at the time of the incident or have any recollection of it. As a result of this expert evidence, the Crown Prosecution Service discontinued the criminal case.

“In respect of the misconduct investigation, having considered all the evidence, and in line with local and national policy, it concluded the driver had no case to answer. However, the passenger does have a case to answer for misconduct for not reporting the incident immediately. Misconduct proceedings are ongoing.

“In this case, we have taken the action we could, given the evidence we were presented with.”