Climate activists expected at crown court trial

Climate activists are expected to gather at Lynn Crown Court on Wednesday for the trial of two women who broke windows at a Barclays Bank branch in Norwich two years ago.

Extinction Rebellion members Jennifer Parkhouse (71) and Amanda Fox (52) cracked windows at the St James Court Barclays at 7.10am on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 and then sat down and waited to be arrested.

The pair were wearing green and purple in tribute to the suffragettes who took direct action to campaign for women’s right to vote.

Parkhouse and Fox face charges of criminal damage for their action, which they say was taken in response to Barclays’ alleged role in the climate crisis.

In a statement released this week, Jennifer Parkhouse said: “Extinction Rebellion has tried nationally and locally to engage with Barclays to discuss how their investment in fossil fuels contributes to global climate breakdown, but they refuse to engage. Our action was designed to claim that attention in as peaceful a way as possible.”

Amanda Fox added: “People don’t associate putting money in the bank with suffering and loss of life but that’s what banking with Barclays represents. Last year more than 61,000 people died in Europe because of extreme heat, parts of the global South are already becoming uninhabitable, and every fresh pound Barclays invest in fossil fuels will lock in more heating. I cracked a window because Barclays is putting profit before planet and customers deserve to know.”

The trial has twice been adjourned. A protest in support of the two women is also expected at the Barclays branch on Red Lion Street in Norwich.

We approached Barclays for a comment but they had been unable to provide one at the time we went to press.