Church has become The Beacon as it expands community efforts

A church has officially opened its doors to the community of North Lynn once again, with plans to help those in need put food on the table during the cost of living crisis.

After renovations to North Lynn’s Methodist Church in Losinga Road, people gathered to join in celebrations on Saturday evening.

Now known as The Beacon, it hosts a community cafe and a food hub as well as hosting many more community-focused events.

The food hub is open on Wednesdays and Fridays from noon to 2pm offering food items at a reduced cost.

The community cafe is currently open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10am to 1pm, but there are plans to expand opening days and times.It serves coffee and cake and gives access to some produce too.

Following the cutting of the official ribbon, tours were given around the new premises while children’s activities were held along with a brief church service.

Canon Rev Chris Ivory with Rev Jon Price
Canon Rev Chris Ivory with Rev Jon Price

The Beacon has a number of community events lined up already as well as Sunday services. Coffee mornings are being held on Thursdays which are community-focused, for people with social anxiety or people who feel isolated. On Thursday evenings there is a community meal.

Rev Price thanked a number of people who have been involved in the project, including the Methodist District and Circuit, Connexional Grants, Hunter Rowe Charity, various legacies, Garfield Weston Charity, Joseph Rank Trust, West Norfolk Council, Norfolk County Council, Geoffrey Watling Charity and the Benefact Trust.