Charity enjoys decade celebration supporting community

The Hanseatic Union has celebrated its tenth birthday, a charity which supports those in the community who may struggle to thrive because of facing barriers in their lives.

The name was chosen as a reminder of the role that various communities from many countries, have played in the history of Lynn.

Julie Chaplin, project lead, said: “The work we have done to support all the people in our community has been a joy to us all on our team.

Hanseatic Union celebrates its ten-year birthday
Hanseatic Union celebrates its ten-year birthday

“Yes, it can be hard work but every day we make an impact on someone’s life, often someone who doesn’t know where to go and are at the end of their tether.

“We don’t work alone, we work alongside all the wonderful organisations in our area, and our county, and that makes us feel that we are art of an even larger community.

“We started this because we didn’t want people to feel alone and have found ourselves part of wonderfully diverse and supportive community.”

Over the years the charity’s projects have included training in English skills, information advice and guidance skills, job skills, computer skills. anything that a client suggests they need to help them live a better life.

Support is also offered in helping those facing hardship to access benefits and grants, supporting people with medical conditions and partnering with West Norfolk Council to offer help to Ukraine refugees.

The charity also offers inclusive and fun children’s holiday activities.

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