Chapman confirms his position with Stars

Keith Chapman has moved to clarify his position as owner of both King’s Lynn and Peterborough Speedway amidst rumours of rider movement at various Sports Insure Premiership clubs.

Chapman retains his promoter’s licence at King’s Lynn but has confirmed the day-to-day running of the club, and financial affairs, are in the hands of others.

He is also the owner of Peterborough where work continues to fill the position vacated by Nicki Pedersen who left the club after one meeting.

Buster Chapman
Buster Chapman

Chapman said: “I’ve been reading plenty of comments over recent days and I think it’s important to lay out clearly what the situation is.

“I no longer have any financial involvement in King’s Lynn Speedway, and whilst I still hold a promoter’s licence there, this will be my last season in that role and I’ve made that clear to everyone.

“All of the financial and team matters at King’s Lynn are taken on by Alex Brady and Dale Allitt, although obviously I still have responsibility for the stadium.

“I do still own the club, it hasn’t been sold yet, but the funding is not coming from me this year.

“At Peterborough everyone knows the problems we have faced, and it was me who did the deal with Nicki Pedersen to race at No.1, which unfortunately went wrong after one race.

“Since then we’ve been looking for a replacement, and trying to book the best guests we can under the circumstances.

“It hasn’t always worked but we had Max Fricke lined up for a meeting that was rained off, and I paid for Dan Bewley to guest on Monday in a meeting against King’s Lynn, so there’s no question of me making decisions to favour one club over the other.

“The team and financial decisions at King’s Lynn are completely separate from me now, and of course I still desperately want Peterborough to survive beyond this season.

“I just want to make it totally clear that the two clubs are not being run by the same person with one being prioritised over the other.”