‘Caught red-handed’: Four thieves fined after stealing £650 of cosmetics

Four thieves were fined in court after stealing more than £600 worth of cosmetics from a town store.

Peterborough residents Ribana Matei, 21, Lucica Grigore, 31, Marius Constantin, 25, and Elena Constantin, 41, were at Lynn Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, where they pleaded guilty to a joint charge of theft from a shop.

Gabriela Constantin, 46, and Andreea Cretu, 23, were also due to appear charged with the same offence, but failed to attend.

The defendants stole cosmetic products from the Boots store on High Street in Lynn. Picture: Google Maps
The defendants stole cosmetic products from the Boots store on High Street in Lynn. Picture: Google Maps

Crown prosecutor Qamar Iqbal told magistrates that on May 12 this year, two of the group had entered the Boots store on High Street in Lynn.

They selected various cosmetic products worth a total of £650, concealing them inside their hand bags before leaving the shop without paying.

This was captured on CCTV, and just 12 minutes later, their getaway vehicle – being driven by Marius Constantin – was stopped by police. All six defendants were inside, and were subsequently arrested.

The stolen goods were located inside the car and therefore recovered.

Solicitor George Sorrell represented the four thieves who appeared in court, and said: “Each of them has done the right thing by pleading guilty at the first opportunity.

“This was clearly a shoplifting expedition, pre-meditated and involving a joint effort.

“Having said that, none of them could be regarded as very accomplished thieves. It was hardly perfect execution, and they were caught almost immediately with the goods in the car – caught red handed.

“It has to be said that they are, each of them, quite ashamed of their actions. Two of them are people of good character.”

The four defendants, who live at London Road in the Cambridgeshire city, were fined by magistrates – who were led by Roger Marston.

Matei was fined £220 and told to pay £145 in legal costs and an £88 victim surcharge.

Grigore was fined £150, and will pay £145 in court costs and a £60 surcharge.

Marius Constantin was told to pay a £240 fine, as well as a £96 surcharge and £145 in costs, while Elena Constantin was fined £80 and ordered to pay a £32 surcharge and £145 in costs.

Between them, this means they will pay £1,546 in total.