Caney enjoys the races of his life at GEAR

Members of Renegade Runners were out in force at the Grand East Anglian Run in terms of runners and supporters dotted around the course.

Leading the way for the group was Gavin Caney, who had the race of his life finishing in a new pb time of 33.51 to place sixth overall with an intelligent run.

Dawn Henden was fourth lady overall just one second off of third and Dawn third in the 40-49 age group finishing in a fantastic pb time of 37.47.

Also breaking the sub-40 barrier and running pb times in the process were Cody Pearman 38.20, Paul Richardson 39.02, Aaron Porter 39.16, Ant Cassels 39.28.

Other times submitted by members were: Emma Wood 41.24, Mark Moden 41.59 (PB), Steve Bennington 42.01 (PB), Stuart Martin 42.33, Jurgita Jovaisiene 42.42 (PB), Matt Hitchcock 43.17 (PB), Jason Blackwell 43.20, Andy Doyle 43.54 (PB), Bruce Reeve 44.23 (PB), Jon Pentelow 44.24 (PB), Peter Bloom 44.59 (PB), Alan Colby 45.25, Chris Wood 46.42, Beth Williams 46.46 (PB), Lucy Chadderton 47.26 (PB), David Grimes 47.28 (PB), Nancy Barnard 47.37 (PB), Stuart Graver 47.56, Cliff Gosling 48.30, Ian Mitchell 48.35 (PB), Erin McNeil 50.12, Michael Webster 52.11 PB, Adrian Pepper 53.28 (PB), Jane Perham 53.54, Charlotte Price 54.06, Mike Pembery 54.35, Ramune Simanviciene 54.36,Kerry Taylor 54.51 (PB), Karl Baxter 54.51 , Daryl Smith 57.21, Lisa Lee 58.05 (PB), Mark Nicholls 59.24 (PB), Pete Brown 61, Suzanne Pembery 61, Lisa Wilson 62, Zoe Fiander and Claire Chamberlain 63, Steve Farquhar 64, Laura Brown 66, Holl Little 67 (PB), Sal Moden and Sue Morris 77, Charlie Pyatt 1 hour 29. Linda Birdseye 64, Catherine Crisp 76, Don Birdseye 1.24.

All members of the group wish Erika Szabo well after her collapse near the finish she got her medal by being pushed over the finish line by the excellent paramedics on duty on the day.

Several Renegade Rockets took part in the mini Gear with the highlights being top 10 finishes for Leo and Rory Wood and a first girl for Olivia Ord and third girl for Nellie Chadderton.