Buses set to be more frequent in borough

Four key bus services in West Norfolk have been extended as part of Norfolk County Council’s Bus Service Improvement Plan.

The changes, which were implemented today (April 17) , affect Lynx bus services and mean that Castle Rising will get buses seven days a week and some buses from Lynn will be running on Sundays and bank holidays.

Service 49/49A which runs from Lynn to Fakenham will see six additional journeys (three in each direction) Mondays to Fridays with two extra journeys on Saturdays too. This creates an hourly service through parts of the day.

Lynx buses will be running more frequently in parts of West Norfolk
Lynx buses will be running more frequently in parts of West Norfolk

Service 35 will now serve Castle Rising seven days a week, providing buses towards Lynn or Hunstanton up to every hour.

Service 39 between Lynn and West Winch will now operate every two hours on Sundays and Bank Holidays, while service 48 between Lynn and Grimston will also do the same.

It has been funded by the £49.55 million which Norfolk County Council was successful in securing from the Department for Transport (DfT) to use on implementing the county-wide Bus Service Improvement Plan over the next three years.

Grahame Bygrave, director of highways, transport and waste, said; “Being a rural county our bus services are absolutely vital to ensuring residents can remain independent and access services.

“Having frequent services from our villages into our towns means people really can ‘choose the bus’ more often.”

Around £12 million of the funding has been allocated to provide new or expanded bus routes and increase service frequencies on key routes, including more evening and weekend services.

Graham Smith, commercial manager at Lynx, said: “It is truly an exciting time for bus passengers in West Norfolk.

“These enhancements to bus services in the area are just a small part of a large package of measures which will include further new buses, the introduction of bus lanes, improved bus stops, exciting ticketing offers and much more.

“We’re certainly looking forward to welcoming lots of new customers aboard over the coming years.”

It is part of a number of bus changes which are set to come to West Norfolk under the Norfolk Bus Service Improvement Plan.

Future plans include new bus lanes in Lynn and an improved travel hub for Hunstanton, which will provide better waiting areas with real-time information to help give passengers a better experience, as well as being integrated with walking and cycling facilities.

Norfolk County Council says there will also be a county-wide review of bus stops with upgrades to improve access for people with disabilities, to provide more real-time information and a programme of works to reduce delays to buses.