Brand launches £250K investment plan which will create jobs in town

A brand has launched its £250,000 investment plan for global expansion which will create jobs in town.

Amino, based in North Lynn’s Bergen Way industrial estate, is a family-owned brand which produces nutritional drinks that “enhance performance and improve health and well-being”.

The investment plans aim to scale up productions with a new 1,000-square-foot warehouse facility, creating up to five new jobs in Lynn.

Funds will support a new 1000-square-foot warehouse (Picture: Amino)
Funds will support a new 1000-square-foot warehouse (Picture: Amino)

Sibling duo Simon Carty and Samantha Martell developed their company four years ago after a futile search to find an amino-based drink that was both effective and great tasting.

Simon is an ex-athlete who studied exercise, physiology and biochemistry at Loughborough University and Samantha is a qualified health coach with 15 years of experience in digital product and project management.

The plant-based drink is zero sugar and low calorie with no artificial colours or flavours. It revolves around amino acids, the building blocks of protein, which is said to not only help high-performance athletes maximise their performance, but can also support weight loss, health optimisation and the overall well-being of mainstream consumers.

Simon said: “Since starting the business four years ago, Amino has experienced strong organic online sales growth across the UK and in parts of Europe, all delivered primarily through the efforts of myself and Samantha.

“This investment round comes at an exciting and pivotal moment in our journey where we are ready to scale our operations, increase production, grow our UK presence, and prepare to expand into global markets where our unique products have real potential to stand out.

“I invite crowdfund investors to join us on our mission to positively influence long-term health through our innovative Amino product range.”

Simon Carty and Samantha Martell created Amino 4 years ago (Picture: Amino)
Simon Carty and Samantha Martell created Amino 4 years ago (Picture: Amino)

Amino has built an online sales channel across the UK generating revenues of £250K last year, which are forecast to increase to over £1m in the next financial year.

The brand has medium-term plans to enter the European and US market, which has a current combined value of circa £16bn per year. Amino is targeting revenues of £50m per year by 2029.

As well as channelling funds towards the new production facility, the company also plans to invest in developing additional products aimed at improving sleep and hydration, and will also bolster sales and marketing activity to further support brand growth.