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41-year-old had £100 of cocaine before spitting in police van, kicking officer and smearing blood in cell

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Police who saw a 41-year-old lingering by the house of a “well-known drug-dealer” had £100 worth of the drug.Leon Dowd, of Dodmans Close in Lynn, was arrested and placed in a police van that he spat in. He was carried into custody where he kicked a police officer and was placed into a cell where he smeared food, drink and blood.He appeared at Lynn Magistrates’ Court on Thursday where he admitted two counts of criminal damage as well as assaulting an emergency worker and having cocaine in his possession.

King’s Lynn Magistrates’ Court

Prosecutor Stephen Munton explained the incident took place on January 9, when Dowd was spotted near a well-known drug dealer’s house in Lynn.Police approached Dowd and he admitted to having cocaine on him and pulled a wrap from his underwear.He was arrested and placed in a police van. He spat in the van and refused to walk into custody, so police had to carry him in.While being carried, Dowd kicked a female police officer, causing some pain to her arm.He was put into a cell where he smeared food, drink and blood on the walls.Dowd was moved into another police cell where he did the same and also threw tissue at the ceiling.Dowd had a total of 109 offences to his name.By committing these offences, Dowd put himself in breach of a community order previously placed, meaning he was at risk of being sent to prison.His solicitor, George Sorrell, asked for Dowd to have a meeting with the probation service before being sentenced.Magistrates adjourned sentencing, meaning he will return to court on March 20. Dowd was released on unconditional bail.

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