40-year-old man tried to hide bag of cocaine from police officers

A man ended up in court after trying to hide a bag of cocaine from police officers.

James Brytz, 40, of Queen Mary Road in Gaywood, admitted to having 0.21g of cocaine in his possession.

He appeared in Lynn’s Magistrates’ Court on Thursday where he was fined for being caught with the Class A drug.

Brytz was found to have cocaine in his possession. Picture: Stock
Brytz was found to have cocaine in his possession. Picture: Stock

Prosecutor Paul Brown told the court that on June 20, police had seen Brytz with a bag of white powder in his hand.

When asked about the powder, Brytz moved one arm behind himself and no longer had a clenched fist.

He later admitted that he had just bought the cocaine for £10. He was subsequently arrested.

Brytz has 23 previous convictions, some of which were drug-related.

In mitigation, Alison Muir said that Brytz has bought the cocaine for his own personal use.

“When we spoke earlier he was frank about his situation,” said Ms Muir.

“He was a homeless drug user for years, but his lifestyle has improved and he now has a room with the Purfleet Trust and is working with CGL (Change Grow Live).

“There’s more work to do but it’s a start.”

Ms Muir explained that Brytz is no longer using cocaine.

“It was drugs that led to his previous convictions,” added Ms Muir.

For the possession of cocaine, he was fined £80 with a victim surcharge of £32 and court costs of £50.

Magistrate William Hush said: “To be honest, we were quite impressed about what Ms Muir said. You are doing well and we congratulate you.”