29-year-old ‘overthought’ situation when he was told to leave nightclub and returned an hour later

A 29-year-old who was kicked out of a nightclub “overthought” the situation and thought it would be okay to return that evening.

Artur Milosz, of Filberts in Lynn appeared at the town’s magistrates court on Thursday where he admitted to failing to comply with an exclusion direction.

Prosecutor Qamar Iqbal said that after midnight on October 7, Milosz was spoken to by police after some antisocial behaviour occurred in Bar and Beyond in Lynn. He was told to leave the club.

The incident took place on Norfolk Street in Lynn
The incident took place on Norfolk Street in Lynn

He was told not to go to the area for the next 24 hours, but just an hour later, officers found Milosz in the exclusion area and was arrested.

In mitigation, George Sorrell said that Milosz “overthought” the situation and thought he would be okay to go back in the area.

“He made a mistake, on this occasion, he overthought the situation and thought that officers didn’t have a good reason for him not to go back to that area,” said Mr Sorrell.

The solicitor added: “He wasn’t being a problem maker, but was told to leave the area.”

Magistrates, led by Joselin Girling, fined Milosz £121 for the offence.

He will also pay a victim surcharge of £48 and court costs of £105.