23-year-old who has committed 79 offences in court for shoplifting

A 23-year-old who has committed a total of 79 offences was back in court after stealing lighter refills from a shop.

Cleo Hannabus, of Duggie Carter Court in North Lynn, appeared at the town’s magistrates court where she admitted to the offence of theft.

Prosecutor Katharine Kibrya-Dean said that at lunchtime on July 8, Hannabuss visited the One Beyond Store in Lynn and picked up the lighter fluid valued at £3.75.

Hannabuss was at Lynn Magistrates' Court on Thursday. Picture: iStock
Hannabuss was at Lynn Magistrates’ Court on Thursday. Picture: iStock

She put the item in her coat and left without making any attempt to pay.

Her solicitor Ruth Johnson described the offence as a “blip” and that Hannabuss has been doing “incredibly well” in life.

“It’s an incredibly petty theft, she has apologised and was incredibly disappointed in herself,” said Ms Johnson.

Magistrates gave her a six-month conditional discharge and she was ordered to pay £105 in court costs and a victim surcharge of £26.