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23-year-old spotted taking part in drug deal before trying to flee from police

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Police spotted a 23-year-old taking part in a drug deal before he tried to flee from the scene.Chad Cook, of St Edmundsbury Road in North Lynn, appeared at the town’s magistrates court on Thursday where he admitted having 3.3g of cannabis in his possession.At 8pm on October 19 last year, police saw Cook travelling on a bike in town, before he stopped towards the side of a car and took something from the car driver.

Cook appeared at Lynn Magistrates’ Court on Thursday. Picture: iStock

Cook tried to get away from the police but was eventually tackled to the ground and asked what he had on him.“A bit of weed,” Cook replied, before being arrested.Prosecutor Sarah Fiddy said that Cook was initially offered an out-of-court disposal, meaning he could have avoided going to court. However, Cook did not comply with the disposal notice.He appeared unrepresented in court and said: “I was leaving my house to get something to smoke. I saw my mate, then I saw the police. “I wanted to get away from them because you’re not allowed to have it [cannabis]. I was tackled to the ground, they thought I was dealing it.”Cook was handed a six-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £26 and court costs of £50.

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