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22-year-old frustrated by treatment from police despite calling them ‘w**kers’ and ‘d**kheads’

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A 22-year-old construction worker claimed the way he was treated by the police was “unprofessional” before he was arrested.Callum Feenan, of Bedford Drive in South Wootton, became abusive to a set of officers when they subjected him to a drug search on December 30.Feenan and another man had been stopped in Lynn town centre, and referred to the officers as “d**kheads” and “w**kers” throughout the ordeal.

Callum Feenan appeared at Lynn Magistrates’ Court on Thursday

Members of the public witnessed the vulgar language, and after the search, the pair were told to leave the area.However, Feenan continued to shout obscenities before attempting to run away. One of the officers caught up to him on Norfolk Street and, deeming him to be clearly intoxicated, arrested him. Feenan appeared at Lynn Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, where he pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly in a public place.He was fined £133, and will also pay £105 in court costs and a £53 victim surcharge.However, he told the court he was disappointed with the way he was treated on the day of his offence.He said he had video footage on his phone of him trying to walk away from the police, but being pushed by the officer. However, haven already taken a guilty plea, magistrates declined an opportunity to watch the video.“I feel as if the way that the officer acted towards me was very unprofessional,” Feenan said.“He came across very aggressive that night.”

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