18-year-old woman blacked out due to anger while she assaulted policeman

An 18-year-old woman blacked out due to anger while she launched an attack on a police officer.

Kelsey Drew, of Highgate in Lynn, appeared at the town’s magistrates’ court on Thursday charged with three offences.

She pleaded guilty to assaulting an emergency worker, criminal damage to property, and obstructing a police officer in the execution of their duty.

Kelsey Drew’s assault was committed on Norfolk Street in Lynn
Kelsey Drew’s assault was committed on Norfolk Street in Lynn

All three offences were committed on July 8 this year – the final night of Festival Too on the Tuesday Market Place.

Crown prosecutor Emma Pocknell said that at around 8.20pm on that date, the police constable in question had been dealing with a separate incident when it became “obvious” that a fight had broken out on Norfolk Street.

While he attempted to deal with a man involved, Drew approached the pair of them and punched the officer three times to the face.

She then proceeded, with a hand placed on either side of his face, to pull off his helmet. In all, she punched him seven times before kicking out at him twice.

In the process, the constable’s glasses were damaged by Drew.

Ms Pocknell said: “I have watched the CCTV and there is absolutely no way this could be described as reckless – she is really going for this officer.”

In mitigation, George Sorrell said that Drew – who was 17 at the time of the incident – was “so remorseful” when interviewed by police after the incident.

“She is bitterly ashamed and embarrassed by what happened,” the solicitor said.

“She realises the damage that she has done in what has really got to be described as a sustained and violent attack.

“She can’t really describe why this has happened. She got involved because she thought nobody was helping her cousin – her way of dealing with an unusual situation was to go for the policeman.

“She got so angry that she blacked out, and she can’t remember anything else. If anger does have this effect on her, then she needs to see a doctor – and that is what she has done already.”

Mr Sorrell added: “I was very surprised, having spoken to her, to read the facts of this case. I really thought it would be something really quite different.

“I want to persuade you, if I can, that it was totally out of character.

“She hadn’t been drinking that day. That anger – I don’t know where it came from. She totally overreacted.

“It is indicative of her character that she has already expressed an apology to the officer for what has happened.”

Magistrates, led by Martin Redhead, handed Drew a £183 fine for her offences.

She will also pay £150 in compensation to the officer, £145 in legal costs and a £73 victim surcharge.